Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning - 2009

Santa was really good to the kids this year...

Pasta Fest...

So, Alysha's Band does this fundraiser called Pasta Fest Annually... this was her first year... doesn't she look Shnazzy

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Alysha is in High School now, so she attended her first homecoming...

The last picture we were still at the salon, but she was so pretty...

and for the record, it took my dad pointing out the darn trash cans.. .sorry :(

She looked so beautiful...

AND... I am still a den leader

with 7 scouts...

COuld I lose my mind any more?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Alysha's in the band

as if my plate weren't full enough,

Alysha is also in the Pep band, the Cadette band, and the Marching band... Sunday, she participated with the band in the walk for diabetes... I am very proud.. and they sound GREAT!!!

Bella looks goofy

So bella is our puppy, she is now about 10 weeks old, a pure breed shephard, and many people think I am nuts with my zoo (4 cats, 9 fish, and the puppy) but I like it around here... LOL

Check out her ears,

Bella and Bobby are great freinds... Though I am wondering if growing up with kitties is a good idea.. she thinks she can jump where the kitties do... uh oh.. Imagine my surprise when I found her in the window sill...

Bella & Bobby lookin at a squirly...

The other kitties like to tease bella from the cat tree... LOL

Sarah plays soccer too!!

yep, Sarah wanted to play too... though she doesnt want to play this winter..

She makes a great goalie.. she has blocked many a goal this season.. the team loves her.

Alysha Joined Venturing

She is loving it... she gets to do so many cool things...

She already got to work at an airshow, and has been invited back (her whole crew) to ride in a refueling jet, WHILE it refules a fighter jet... HOW cool is that.

Thomas played soccer this year

Thomas joined soccer this year for the fall season, he loved it...

He learned alot from his coaches, and looks forward to winter soccer (its indoors)

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